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Clever Clothing Solutions

From our Head Office in Luton, Special Wear has been offering its ‘clever clothing solutions’ since August 2000. Whether it be smart tailored clothing or industrial workwear and PPE, our job is to remove the burden of uniform supply, allowing you to concentrate on your core business. We aim to integrate our service into your operations so that you feel like you are dealing with your own clothing department, in your own organisation.

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Why Choose Us?

During the last 20 years we’ve learned a thing or two about how to provide a successful uniform service. It’s far more challenging than people realise but, as a fully managed customer, you’ll benefit from our considerable experience … we’ll be by your side every step of the way to protect your interests and guide you around the pitfalls.


We Listen

An experienced member of our team will meet with you and listen carefully to your requirements, along with any challenges you face, before proposing any solutions.

We Innovate

Our design team will help you visualise a range of possibilities that reflect your brand vision and match your budget.

We Manufacture

Special Wear’s global team are on hand to match your production requirements to our most suitable partner factories.

We Customise

When resilience matters the smaller volumes and faster turnaround of our UK supply chain can really make a difference.

We Assemble

We assemble complex, multi-product ‘person packs’ for distribution to individual wearers or to regional centres for onward redistribution. The service is fully customisable. You set the rules then leave us to it.

We Deliver

Our delivery schedules can be tailored to achieve the optimum balance between performance, cost and carbon reduction.

We Manage

Our customer service team are skilled in the dark art of uniform forecasting. We will aim to understand your requirements in advance so that stock provisions and replenishments can be dealt with in a controlled and proactive manner.

We Value

We value every one of our customers and the business they offer. We focus on building long term relationships based on honesty, transparency and the very best customer service.

Our Client Relationships

We currently meet the daily uniform requirements of a diverse group of people, who in turn work for a diverse collection of organisations. Here’s what 3 of them had to say about their experiences of dealing with Special Wear over the years.

Special Wear have been a partner of Vodafone since 2010
NHS Ambulance Service
The brief was to roll out a new National Identity for 45,000 staff
Get in touch phone
Taylor Wimpey
The Special Wear team have always been extremely responsive

Meet The Team

If you’re tired of the call centre experience and would prefer to deal with a real person who knows you and understands your organisation, you’ve come to the right place. Technology is great and we use it every day but people make a business and here are a few of ours…

Founder & C.E.O
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Customer Service Manager
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More About Maria

Corporate Social Responsibility

Our Ethical Trading Policy requires suppliers to be assessed against an independent 4-Pillar SMETA Audit. This report allows us to properly evaluate their position in relation to key ethical issues such as labour standards, health & safety, business ethics and the environment.

Our approach is to help suppliers reach an acceptable ethical trading standard via a program of ongoing encouragement, audit and support over a reasonable length of time. This approach enables us to recognise suppliers that are compliant and support those who are not quite there yet but eager to realistically hit their milestones. It also helps us to diligently uncover and discount those who are unwilling to partner with us on this vitally important subject.