Carbon Offseting for Customers

Special Wear has partnered with Rewards.Earth to support your organisation’s Carbon Reduction aspirations.

We will commission Rewards.Earth to plant trees on your behalf which, in turn, will offset CO2 & combat climate change. Their work helps people, communities and wildlife worldwide as well as veterans here in the UK.

We can offer a range of packages allowing you to either reduce, or completely offset all the CO2 attributable to your Uniform.
Imagine the positive impact this will have on your workforce when they read the garment label or scan the QR code on the packaging and learn that the shirt they have just been issued has triggered an equal yet opposite reaction and put something good back into the world.

As with everything we do, our Carbon Crunching packages can be tailored to suit each and every organisation and they cost much less than you might think. So why not give us a call to learn more or alternatively reach out to Rewards.Earth directly and check out the good work they’re doing.